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Year after year, we try to make your holidays as uncomplicated as possible. And day after day, we try anew to improve our already high level of service and commitment. You know what we mean if you have ever been a guest in our store. If you are in our “house” for the first time, we have put together some points to guarantee you a pleasant and relaxing holiday.

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Important information

What awaits you

  • New this year is a 3rd shuttle bus, which is permanently ordered to bring you from your accommodation to our store in the shortest possible time!
    (+43 664 14 26 777 or let us know at the reception of your hotel)
  • Every rented ski and shoe is marked with name tags to reduce the risk of confusion.
  • We will be happy to deliver your rented ski equipment right to the ski cellar of your accommodation – the name tags will help you.
  • You can exchange your rented ski or shoe anytime – we have plenty of alternatives. Do not forget to bring one of your ski boots if you exchange your skis so we can adjust the binding accordingly.
  • After your last day of skiing, we will automatically collect your ski equipment from the ski cellar of your accommodation – so if you would like to prolong your rental period, please inform us in time to save both you and us time and effort.

If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us personally. We wish you a pleasant stay in Obergurgl and lots of fun with your rented equipment.

We wish you a good journey to Obergurgl
Ralf Riml & the Sport Lohmann team


Our promise


Our promise

Accident prevention and safety play an important role, especially in winter sports. Despite state-of-the-art equipment, refined protective clothing and stricter safety regulations, the risk of accidents can never be 100% eliminated. But there are some innovative efforts to minimise the risk of an accident and to improve the safety of skiers. Our thoughts go in precisely this direction. We always strive to fulfil the best safety criterion for our customers.

Our customers have the certainty that they will find tested equipment with the proper settings and, thus, a high safety standard here on site. The safety standards are beneficial for both sides. The rental customers have reliable evidence of safety and reliability. And in turn, customer feedback helps Sport Lohmann make additional qualitative improvements.

  • Electronic checking of the settings of the bindings on all rental skis before the start of the season.
  • Free children’s helmets to borrow
  • Retiring of all rental skis older than two years
  • Employee training (e.g. courses on correct setting of bindings)
  • Continual improvements to procedures based on customer feedback
  • Observance of all safety guidelines
  • Protection or securing of sensitive, personal data on the rental
  • Identification of escape routes, fire-fighting equipment, etc.
  • Drying and disinfecting of ski-, snowboard boots and helmets
  • Presence of an internet connection in the rental shop

Sport Lohmann guarantees high quality and compliance with all safety regulations.