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What ski should I buy?

An important question. For which type of skier is the ski built? How does the ski behave on the piste? Does the ski suit my style of skiing? Can I also manage with the ski off-piste? This requires the opinion of an expert, our staff will give you competent and honest answers.

First test, then buy!

Test and buy by Sport Lohmann!

First test, then buy!

Test and buy by Sport Lohmann!

You can only really get to know a ski if you ride and test it yourself. With us you have the opportunity to test the ski of your choice in the Obergurgl/Hochgurgl ski area and be convinced of its advantages.

Do you like the ski? Then you can buy it right at our store. We will mount the ski for you on site and adjust it electronically to your needs. Should you have decided to purchase a ski we will of course refund the test fee up to 3 days.

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“Putting on a pair of skis and taking the shortest route down a mountain is almost as nice as flying”

Gedankenstrich Angus MacGyver