Ski clothing for children

Everything for ski kids

For tomorrow’s champions

For tomorrow’s champions

Children’s ski clothing has to be especially robust and hard-wearing. With the right sportswear that also looks good, the youngsters are ready for the snow.

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Warming & robust

From trousers to anoraks

Wild snowball fights, rolling around in the snow or falling over from time to time when skiing? This is a natural part of winter sports for our young talents. That’s precisely why kids’ winter sports clothing must meet particularly high demands. To not dampen the wintry enjoyment with wetness and cold, the kids’ clothing should be functional (waterproof and warming) and offer a high degree of wearing comfort and freedom of movement. If the outfit is also cool and modern, there’s nothing in the way of winter fun.

„There is no such thing as bad weather, just bad clothing!“

Gedankenstrich Saying