Climate comfort begins on the skin

Our body's own elaborate heat regulation ensures that we don't overheat when doing sports. Millions of sweat glands function as an efficient cooling system in this process. The moisture forms on the skin, evaporates and dissipates excess heat from the skin surface in the process. This helps keeping our core body temperature at the optimal level even when doing sports.
But when sweat remains on the skin for too long because of the wrong clothing, it gets uncomfortably cold and damp, especially during breaks in movement. Cotton is not very suitable for functional clothing, as the natural material soaks up up to 40% of its own weight in moisture and quickly sticks to the body, feeling uncomfortably cold and damp. Performance fibres, however, only absorb 1% in moisture, thus ensuring optimal heat regulation and wearing comfort.

The extensive range of ODLO lets sportsmen and sportswomen find the suitable performance clothing for any weather.


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