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No trouble when selecting skis

Recreational skier, All-round Carver, downhill demon or beginner? Every kind of skier places different demands on his skis. Only when they are optimally tailored to the user will there be nothing in the way of maximum skiing enjoyment. Of course, actually THE best ski just does not exist, because there are always several models that fit the skier quite well. And that’s why Lohmann Sport carries an extensive assortment of the latest ski models. Highly trained personnel will give you personalized advice about your ski choices – both for rental and also for sale.

Test first – then buy
You want to buy skis, but you’re not sure whether it’s actually the right one? No problem. At Lohmann Sport you can try out any ski from our sales assortment – if you then choose to buy, the ski try-out costs you nothing.

Find your set of "Dream Skis"
To make your ski selection trouble-free, and so you don’t have to wander around in confusion about the radii, ski widths, lengths and such, we provide here some simple help for your ski selection.

4 steps will lead you to your personal “Dream Ski”:

1. Type of skier
An honest self-appraisal is needed here; a self-analysis of your own skiing ability and style. Whether beginner, recreational skier, All-rounder, athlete or racer – there are different, appropriate models for each type. The trained employees at Lohmann Sport will ask specific questions to assist in this selfanalysis.

2. The ski category
The type of ski must fit with the type of skier. “Race-carvers” are suitable, for example, for athletes and racers who maintain a fast speed. But beginners would be better served with a recreational carver. All-rounders feel better with an off-run ski or an All-mountain ski. The employees at Lohmann Sport will be happy to assist you in selecting the best ski model for your individual needs.

3. The Dream Ski
A large selection of ski models from all categories is available to you at Lohmann Sport. With the Test and Buy offer, you can test and try out your skis before you decide to buy.

4. It’s not a matter of size
To select the appropriate ski length, your body size is not the definitive factor. More important are skiing ability, type of slope and preferred speed.

Tips for buying ski boots

It’s a matter of size
The ski boot should fit pleasantly and snugly, but not constricting or causing pressure at certain points. The heel must have a good hold. A ski boot should never be purchased too large because in use it will stretch about another 1/2 size.

Looks are not decisive
Firstly a ski boot must fit well, not look great.

The right sole
The right sole insert can optimize the function of the boot, e.g. when using thermal sole inserts.

Time planning
Better to try on the ski boots for 4 hours than have a ski vacation with painful feet! Be aware that your feet will swell slightly during the day and thus will be a bit larger in the evening!
So it is better to buy the ski boot in the afternoon.

Advice, advice, advice
Get the advice of a competent and experienced expert. At Sport Lohmann our trained employees will be glad to provide all the assistance you need.

A note on boot care
Ski boots get stiffer in the cold. So never store them out in the cold (e.g. in the trunk or outdoors). After a day of skiing, the boots have to dry out. Ideally, a ski boot dryer or ventilator should be used. Every 2 - 3 days you should also pull out the inner sole so the boot can dry out fully.

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