Made to fit

For nearly a hundred years, the Strolz family has been producing the highest quality ski boots at their own facility in Lech am Arlberg. The Strolz firm is now being managed by the third generation and is vigorously pursuing its own unique philosophy. Individualizing at the highest level.

100 % hand made

Strolz is globally the sole ski boot manufacturer. Even though they use the latest technology in the manufacture of molds for the injection molding, the production of a Strolz ski boot is still today a 100 percent hand-made proposition. With orthopedic knowledge, professional skill and decades of experience, Strolz builds ski boots that are adapted quite specifically to your own foot.

Precision work for optimum fit

Each foot is unique. Therefore, a precise analysis of your foot performed by orthopedically trained employees is the first step. The individually measured data for your foot is needed for building the wooden strips (a precise, three-dimensional replica of your foot’s shape). The inner boot and shell are modeled identically to your “pattern foot” and then an individual, anatomically correct foam mold is created.

Every ski boot is a unique item

Each and every component of the Strolz ski boots is produced to exacting specifications. Beginning with the inner boot, down to the outer shell and on to the foam filling. Selected Nappa cowhide – unsurpassed with respect to elasticity and durability - is used for the inner boot. It clings perfectly and thus ensures maximum fit and comfort for your foot. Depending on your individual skill, Strolz selects your ski boot shell as hard or extra-hard. The polyurethane shell is fitted precisely to your foot. Then the final step is the precision tailoring of the foam fill. After hardening of the foam (12 hours) you will have a unique item in your hands which fits your feet exactly and thus affords optimum wearing comfort. Each boot by Strolz is a genuine, one-of-a-kind production, a kind of “fitted suit” for your legs so that you can ski better, more safely and comfortably.

Lohmann Sport is the EXCLUSIVE partner with the Strolz company. Our experienced employees on site have the technical competence and will take time with you – for consultation, foot analysis, determination of step size, of foot volume and model selection. Foot analysis and adaption require an instinctive feel and experience, but also take time – time that you will readily make up on the slope through improved skiing comfort.

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