Quilted and sewn up

Monestier de Clermont – his French home town inspired René Ramillon to name the brand Moncler. In 1952, he established the world-famous brand, which at first specialised in the production of sleeping bags, tents and padded jackets. Success came quickly, as people back then were becoming ever more adventurous and interested in travelling. As early as 1964, Ramillon developed the first down jackets, for which Moncler would later become synonymous. But in the early years, the jackets were first and foremost designed for miners and mountaineers. The fifth-highest mountain on earth, for example, the Makalù in Tibet, was scaled in Moncler jackets. In the seventies, Moncler further developed its famous down jackets for skiing. And in the 1980s, Moncler took the final step from being a manufacturer of professional mountaineering equipment to becoming a lifestyle brand.

Ever since Moncler was absorbed by an Italian consortium in the early 1990s, the brand has been showing steep growth. Since 1999, there has been a complete fashion collection for ladies, gents and children by Moncler. The brand once and for all became a status symbol on the slopes as well as in the winterly city.

Moncler stands for exclusivity and premium sportswear, and can now be found on all international catwalks. In cooperation with renowned designers, Moncler today presents extensive collections, which are in great demand by fashion experts and trend setters.

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