Luis Trenker

A well-known name and a legend

Luis Trenker is synonymous for Alpine adventures, the longing for freedom, the way up. The world-famous mountaineer, movie actor, director, architect and best-selling author is the role model for the fashion brand LUIS TRENKER, in which old and new combine to form a timeless fashion style. The South Tyrolean label knows no boundaries or generation gaps. It boldly transports the universe of the legendary filmmaker across the mountains and into our age. Luis Trenker characterises the Alpine lifestyle. The label founded in 1995 by Michi and Hansjörg Klemera in Bolzano is a unique success story. The unmistakable Luis Trenker made the label a much sought-after lifestyle brand.

Dynamic, brave and unconventional, but also down-toearth, honest and genuine – the character of Luis Trenker is reflected in the designs of the label of the same name, thus making its fashion unmistakable. Aiming high and with the eyes set firmly ahead, yet still feeling the familiar ground under one's feet – a credo which not only shaped Luis Trenker's life, but which will continue to accompany the LUIS TRENKER brand, which is borne by values.

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