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Only those investing lots of time and muse into things will create anything timeless. This is something Kaspar Frauenschuh realized over thirty years ago. In his parents' family business in Kitzbu¨hel, it was always about the highest standards. Garments of high-quality leather were made to measure and in their own "script". This is where Kaspar Frauenschuh's love and devotion for exclusive materials had its roots. In 1995, Kaspar Frauenschuh created the first, meanwhile world-famous, Frauenschuh fleece jackets: slender, colourful and sexy. These were followed by thin, colourful, slim-cut cashmere jerseys – with those hand-linked pipings that have by now evolved into the Frauenschuh signature feature. The common theme of the Frauenschuh sportswear collection is the basic idea of offering functional and at the same time beautiful skiwear, which meets the highest requirements. The creative ideas are turned into clothes by using premium materials – from boiled wool to cashmere and deer hide all the way to modern fleece. Produced in Steiermark and Tirol – Made in Austria. In addition to the highest requirements on quality, material and workmanship, all Frauenschuh models share the concept of timelessness. By not jumping onto short-lived trends, the garments are as beautiful over time as they were in the beginning. The relatively small production range also ensures value and exclusivity: Breadth in detail is preferred over quantity – such is the Frauenschuh motto. The Luxury Sportstyle Fashion by Frauenschuh is highest quality, made in Austria. Best materials, best cutting, best manual workmanship, strong presence. The typical Frauenschuh style: simple but premium-quality, modern but enduring, obsessed with details but casual – in other words, timeless. All parts are thought through down to the tiniest detail: from the carrying comfort all the way to the practical handling, nothing is left to chance. Not the supersoft Microfleece lining of the parka hood, which protects the head warmly and softly, as lightly as if you were not wearing anything at all. Nor the cotton-cashmere seam on the inside of the hand-knitted caps, so that the wool does not scratch the forehead, or the cotton-cashmere lining in the neck area of the slender jackets from boiled wool. Also not the handcrafted zipper pendants on the jackets, with which it is easy to close and open the zipper even with gloves on. And that all parts – but a few exceptions – are washing machine- and dryer-proof, is also no coincidence.

The Sportswear-Collection by Frauenschuh: urban, casual, made in Austria – for people who willingly lose their heart to the unique.

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